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A section of the meeting hall at American Legion Post 95 is dedicated to the memory of Capt. William E. Blair for whom the post home is named.   His portrait is surrounded by a painting which shows his plane falling and those he ordered to escape parachuting down, and a front page of the newspaper describing his heroic action.    The Post Home is located at 3329 Ringgold Road in East Ridge, TN.  

  American Legion Post 95 was formed in the fall of 1951 by a group of 28 veterans. They chose to honor a true American hero by naming the post after him as the William E. Blair Post.

  On Sept. 30, 1949, Capt. Blair was flying a B-25. Army Air Corps. bomber  over Chattanooga when an engine caught fire. He ordered his crew to bail out. Below were homes and a school in danger from the plane's imminent crash. He chose to stay with his ship and steer it away from the congested areas, crashing it into Missionary Ridge, near where the post bearing his name now stands.

  In appreciation of Capt. Blair's sacrifice, residents placed a plaque honoring him at the firehall near where he crashed.  Later it was moved to the school he spared.  Ultimately, it came to rest at Post 95 where his memory is revered.

Post 95 is a working post. From its original 28 charter members, it has grown to over 1,200. The members are a family and community oriented group.

When East Ridge citizens worked together to build a playground for the children, Post 95 raised $4,300 to buy "The Castle" as a centerpiece of the playground. Post members volunteered time and labor and the project was completed in five days.

  Through the years, post commanders have brought in new and progressive programs.

The Post 95 Band--"The Legionnaires"--is nationally recognized. They played at the 1998 American Legion convention. They were such a hit, the group has been invited to play again. Whenever ceremonies are held at the National Cemetery, The Legionnaires are there. And they frequently donate their time and services to other veteran functions.

Working within the post are an active Auxiliary and a S.A.L. membership. The post is proud of its Honor Guard which serves at veteran funerals and other ceremonies.

The post offers a spacious lounge with a horseshoe bar, a meeting hall where community functions are held and post dances take place, a game room with a pool table, a restaurant where delicious meals are available, a smaller meeting room and other game room facilities.  Dominos are a favorite recreation for members.

Free meals are offered members at each monthly meeting, along with meals on select holidays.  Christmas baskets for the needy are a Christmas tradition.

A comrades in distress program offers assistance to needy veterans.

Membership is offered to veterans with an honorable discharge who served America during a time of national conflict.  Dues are $30.00 annually.  Auxiliary membership is for those who have a relative with membership in the American Legion.  And the Sons of the  American Legion membership is open to those with a Father or Grandfather relative who is or was a veteran. Post 95 also has a very active Legion Riders organization.

Being a member of Post 95 is like joining a respected and loving second family which always works for the community progress.

For God and Country


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